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Apr 9, 2012

I’m a fanatic apps lover. When i see something good ill let u know about at it. And if i hate something ill disclose it in the open.


The most incredible soccer experience one could live! Whether your a Real Madrid fan, a Manunited fan or even a Barcelona fan. You can find all teams and pick your best players to manage your team into success


Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Want to live as invincible mafia gangster? This is the game to chose. Its so realistic to the extent that you’ll not believe that its just a game.


Zombieville USA 2

Killing zombies is always fun, isn’t it!?


Lep’s World HD

I’m sure that all of us adore Super Mario. Thus Lep world has been created to deliver the closest experience there is to it.


iStunt 2 HD – Snowboard

A snowboarder by heart? This is the epic app when it comes to snowboarding


Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD

Greatest app for racing. Car types are numerous from ferraris to porsches, mercedes, bmws’, infinity …etc All great cars to purchase and race with


Trial Xtreme 2 HD

A great bike racing experience. Try the free version first before buying the full app. And believe e you’ll not be disappointed.


Blueprint 3D

A truly magical 3D motion puzzle game. i’m not a fan of puzzle stuff but this is gorgeous. It’s nothing like the classic puzzle, its really magic.


Bike Baron

A biking cute game in which Mr Baron has to get through levels by landing properly and finding ways to get through hills…etc so much fun


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