Best Apps for Your One-Man Band

Sep 23, 2010

Ever want to play guitar? What about something more refined like a flute or a violin? These apps are for you if you’ve ever dreamed of being a one-man (or woman!) band.


Easy to learn to play guitar app – features include visual cues for learning where to place your fingers on which frets.



Choose from 5 different violins – violin (regular), violin fun, zoom, FullView, and Strummer). Easy to get creative with this one!



Play a plastic or wooden flute and you have the option to turn beats on or off in the background so you can play your tunes with a beat to go along with it!


Drums! – A studio quality drum kit in your pocket

Best part about this drum-playing app is that you can sync with your iTunes library so you can play drums along with your favorite tunes. Can you keep up?


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