Best apps for Toddlers

Feb 27, 2011

Hi I’m a mother of a toddler and GM of a new company called PaddleDuck preparing to launch a range of educational and fun apps for toddlers. We’ve been busy reviewing apps aimed at 1-4 yr olds so we’ve seen a few. Hope you find these valuable. I’ll keep adding more.

Baby Explorer

Great first app for a baby 18 months and up. I like the graphics and the all-in-one screen. Plenty to do and discover for little fingers, good sounds, great variety.


Bert’s Bag

Great app for 18 months and up. I loved Sesame St as a kid so wanted to keep that tradition alive. The repitition is great here for learning numbers and counting aloud. Easy to follow with verbal instructions repeated and great variety of things to count.


Faces iMake – Lite

Great for any age. This is a fun app with very quirky music and vocals. The variety is endless. Help tiny ones to learn about veges, fruit, colours, facial parts etc. They have maybe gone too far with the variety of things you can make a face from..Scissors? but it’s still fun. Only got the lite version that was enough.


Kezza bee PeekaBoo 3D for iPad

Great app for 18mths and up. This is fun as the bee figure is cute and friendly. The graphics are simple and there are a few choices for backgrounds.


DJ Baby

Good as a first app for 18months and up. Rhythm and Music is always a good thing. This is a simple but fun app with a good back beat and some interactivity. Fun.


My Russian Dolls

Have to admit we built this one. We loved making this simple app, great for a broad range of ages. Cute graphics, fun interactivity and lovely music. A fun way to see traditional Russian Dolls come to life.


Itsy Bitsy Spider HD – by Duck Duck Moose

Great variety and quirkiness for this all ages app. So much to play with. The old song favourite is there but you just don’t get tired of it because of the graphics and ways to interact. Lots of fun. Anything by Duck Duck Moose is recommended.


Animals HD

Another simple app but great for learning animal recognition. The photos in this one are wonderful. The voice is not great but it’s still worthwhile. The animals names are in English or Spanish.



One of the first Apps I downloaded. It’s not great looking but I love the feature where I can upload all my own pics and record my own voice. I added the words and pictures my daughter was starting to say and it grew as her vocabulary did to re-enforce it for her.


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