Best Apps for the Elementary Student

Apr 3, 2013

I am a Special Education teacher in Nebraska. I use ipads in my classroom on a daily basis. I have found many apps that my students love to use. There are so many to choose from, but the apps on this list have definitely improved student achievement in my classroom.


This is an amazing app for the classroom. There are spelling lists included in the app or you can make your own lists. There are activities that go along with the lists which helps students learn the words. Then they can take the quiz. Add students to the roster and it will keep track of their score on the tests. You can even email the results to the teacher. I also love that there are pictures that are included with the words.


Banana Math – For Elementary school kids

Banana Math is a great math for practicing math skills. There is a free version which focusses on word problems with pictures. The full version includes geometry, time, money, algebra, number sentences, and skip counting. These questions give automatic feedback on the word problems. There is a place to work out the problems right on the ipad and it is great practice for state assessments.


Futaba Classroom Games for Kids

There is a green and a yellow Futaba app and both are great. I love these apps because they can go up to 4 players at a time. This is very beneficial if you only have 1 or 2 ipads in your classroom. The yellow futaba app will show a picture and the players need to be the first to identify the word. The green Futaba app has a pool of questions in the areas of reading, math, social studies, even different languages.

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LetterSchool – learn to write letters and numbers

This app is great for learning the letters of the alphabet. It gives the student many opportunities to practice tracing the letter with guidelines and then the student will write the letter independently. The graphics are amazing and very captivating for students.


Rocket Speller

This app has 5 levels of spelling words. It starts by displaying a word with a picture of the word. The student drags letter tiles to the spell the word. Eventually the clues disappear and the students have fun spelling words. I love that there are words that are not common spelling words such as garlic or tennis shoes.



Another spelling app that has spelling lists already included with the capability to add your own lists. There are activities to practice spelling the words and an opportunity to take a quiz on the words. Much like the website, you can login and it will keep track of progress.


Reading Comprehension – Grade 1 & 2 – Super Reader

Program your students into this app and it will give them a book shelf filled with stories and comprehension questions. What is great about this app is that it will keep track of the score on the questions. I can use this app as a workstation and check back later to see how many questions they answered.


MarineLife HD -by Rye Studio™

This app is has stunning graphics and is almost mesmerizing. The app has information about all kinds of fish and sea creatures. I think it builds background knowledge and vocabulary. I love it when kids can learn information through an app that is not usually taught in the classroom.

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iTooch 4th Grade | Math, Language Arts, and Science

All of the iTooch apps are useful in the classroom. There is a lot of information covered in these apps. You can be in the practice mode or the test mode. The questions are very similar to what you would find on a state assessment.


Third Grade Splash Math Games. Kids learning multiplication facts, times tables & division for free

I love all of the Splash Math apps because they practice math skills such as money, time, skip counting, place value and many others. The app will also email you every week with the progress of your students.


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