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Dec 7, 2011

I’m a college student who had no idea what to do when my laptop started dying & I couldn’t afford a new one. But I was very lucky because my boyfriend had a solution: he bought me an iPad. I use my iPad for everything: note taking, writing papers, online research, online homework, etc.


The absolute best & most comprehensive note taking app. If your teacher posts his/her slides online you can import them to this app & take handwritten or typed notes right on the slides. You can draw freehand or with preset shapes & even record audio.


Knowtilus Pro – Advanced Web Browser with Text Editor , Text to Speech and Translator

Take notes directly on web pages & even have the app read text to you in American, British, or Austrialian accents.


Evernote Peek

Make a quiz in the regular Evernote app and you can open it in this app as long as you’re using a smart cover. It’s brilliant: pull the first section of the cover back & you see your topic, pull it back one more section & you see your answer, close the cover & the next time you open the 1st section again, it automatically goes to the next question


MyScript Memo

This little app translates your handwriting into text. The great thing is that it does so without automatically correcting words, so all your notes containing medical, science, or obscure terminology don’t become horribly mangled.



Organize your classes, projects, address book, & pretty much anything with the customizable lists in this app.


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