Best Apps for Procrastinating Thoroughly

Sep 30, 2011

With these apps in your library you’ll find that putting off work is easier than you’ve ever imagined.

Pandora – Free Music & Radio

When it comes to finding new music I like, Pandora has never failed to supply me. By going directly on to my computer whenever I find a song worth downloading, which is very often, I can spend hours on end.


Tiny Wings

This game is both one of my favorites and one of my most hated simply because it becomes so difficult to beat an insanely high score that you got when in the zone.



For any Netflix subscribers, this app will keep you away from your homework or anything else you have on your plate, as long as you have charge in your device.


Words With Friends Pro

With the ability to create games with as many random people as you want at any time, this game is the ultimate procrastination machine.


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