Best apps for photos on-the-go

Apr 11, 2010

I use my iPhone to snap pics all the time. Here’s what I use to edit, print and share them.

Wink | from Shutterfly

With Wink, you can pull photos from your iPhone, Facebook, Flickr and/or Shutterfly accounts and turn them into a photobooth-style strip. You can then have them sent to friends via email or snail mail with just a few clicks. Great for sharing photos on the go. Love this app!


HazelMail Postcards

Take a postcard worthy shot? Share it with all your friends using HazelMail, which takes any photo and turns it into a postcard. Write a message, pay and mail, all from your iPhone.


Adobe Photoshop Express

Great for cropping, adding different effects and adding colors to any photo. Easy to use, save and share photos with this app!



I love being able to check up on my photostream, share pics quickly with my web community and see what my friends have uploaded at any given time.


TiltShift Generator – Fake Miniature

TiltShift Generator simulates a tiltshift lens, meaning that you can give any iPhone pic a sort of dreamy look with a few clicks. Very easy to use and fun for giving your iPhone photos a more professional look.


myPhotoBooth v2.0

This app turns your iPhone into an old-fashioned photobooth, minus the squishiness AND that hideous curtain. It allows you to pick the color of your frame, whether or not you want a traditional strip or a 2×2 design and also allows you to share your photos via Twitter, Facebook or email. Easy to use and FUN!

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