Best Apps For Monitering Your Usage

Mar 25, 2011

Anyone who isn’t filthy rich likes to keep tabs on their usage of things, these Apps make doing so much easier.

Water Buddy – Water Usage Tracker

Water is slowly becoming a scarce resource and Countries like Australia have already begun to restrict the amount of water that one person should be able to consume daily. This App helps you to keep track of your water consumption in a very convenient fashion



For anyone with AT&T for their service provider, this free App lets you keep tabs on all the different types of services you might be using.


Data Usage Tracker

This App lets you find out how much mobile devices like ipads or even laptops are using, as well as seeing normal usage information


My Data Usage Pro

This App combines a few Apps into one, convenient one that allows you to view all of your usage information all in one area, making it easier to make changes to help you try and save money


HughesNet Usage Meter

This App only works with a certain type of modem, which I own, so If you have a HN7000S modem, then get this free App that lets you watch your internet usage


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