Best Apps for Learning Origami

Sep 24, 2011

These apps will help anyone interested in making art from paper in an easy way, everyone can understand.

YStream – Youtube edition

If you want to be shown how to make crazily elaborate origami then youtube is the place to look, since people have sacrificed hours on end just to show people how to do things, and also since someone who knows how to make origami maybe wouldn’t be willing to sit down with you for an endless amount of time, repeating steps over and over again until you grasp the point.


Dollar Origami

I love a good challenge and with the timer feature I can try and beat my original times while still making each piece of paper look amazing after I’m done with it.


Origami Trainer

With over 40 different folds to choose from I’ve learned to calm my mind and improve my memory skills while creating awesome pieces of art, even Yoda!


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