Best Apps for Getting That Ringtone You’ve Always Wanted

Sep 24, 2011

It’s about time you upgraded from that old and boring typical ringtone that you’ve had for so long, and traded up for a cool new one, or two or three.

Ringtone Maker – Make free ringtones from your music!

This high tech and easy to use app is the best way to make any song from your ipod, your ringtone. With a fade effect you can easily pick any part from any song and choose when you want it to stop, or repeat itself.


Ringtone Designer – Create Unlimited Ringtones, Text Tones, Email Alerts, and More!

My favorite part of this app, apart from being able to make music your ringtone, is how you can set different songs to different people in your address book to know who’s calling before you even look at your phone.


GeoRing – instant ringtone shuffle

With this app you’ll be able to set it so that every time some one calls, it will play a different song from your library until it circles back around again. Now if you have tons of music as I do, then apps like this are awesome because I get extremely tired of hearing the same song more than once in the same period of time, let alone multiple times.


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