Best Apps for Getting Homework Done

Jul 6, 2011

Homework is a pain in the butt, but these apps have made it a little less painful to complete assignment after assignment.


This app allows one to not only organize their entire school career, but sync it up to an ipad or mac computer, which is great for me since I’m on the computer more than on my itouch



School can get tremendously overwhelming and it’s great to have order amongst so much chaos. This app has already helped me organize my priorities in high school, which are very dismal, so I’m excited to use it in college to keep my stress levels low. I’ve forgotten about far too many tests and quizzes but no longer


Homework Planner

This app works best for people who don’t need as much structure as the rest and can manage time easier than the most of us. It allows you to add courses and list all your assignments so you never forget about anything


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