Best Apps for Family Game Night

Sep 19, 2011

On top of being super iOS enthusiasts, the folks at Appency are super board game geeks and we love getting our game on… via apps! Here are some of our favorites!


The most classic board game of all time, with a flawless transition to the iPad. Now if I could only find my way to St. Charles Place…


Puerto Rico HD

For the more serious board gamers, there is no game quite like Puerto Rico. One of the few board games out there that takes away “chance” and relies almost completely on the players strategy.


Catan HD

Settlers of Catan has won more gaming awards than any other board game of its type, and is almost infinitely playable with those as young as 7 and as old as 99.


Empires : World Conquest

We always kinda felt that the RISK game is seriously over done – but if you like the genre, this game is one of the best!



Bright colors, great graphics, and simply one of my favorite board games from childhood!


TalkBox Voice Messenger

Waaaait a minute. This isn’t a board game! Why is this on here? TalkBox is here because it lets us talk (or talk trash) with each other from opposites sides of the world while we are playing our favorite games so that even a family that may not all be in the same room, can still enjoy a fun family game night.


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