Best Apps for Crafters

Aug 17, 2010

I’m getting into card-making and knitting (sort of a winter hobby), and found some great apps to keep organized and inspired!

Vogue Knitting Knit Buddy

You can organize your yarns, needles, and ideas as well as find tutorials and a glossary that’ll help take your skills to the next level. The app is awesome for knitters and crocheters, and as someone who plans to pick this hobby back up in the fall/winter – I can’t wait to scope it out.


Etsy Shop Tools

Do you sell your crafty things on Etsy? Here’s an easy app to manage that on your phone.


Etsy Addict

As long as we’re on the Etsy train, this app makes it easy to shop Etsy on the go. Want your handmade and vintage products at any given moment? Grab this app.



Great project ideas, tips, and tricks as well as the ability to make your own shopping lists of the necessary items for those projects.


Craft Finder: Great Crafts from Disney FamilyFun

Great database of crafty inspiration and project ideas.


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