Best Apps for Book enthusiasts

Feb 25, 2011

Books are great and I want to share my findings of some cool Apps that any other book reader shuold find usefull

Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks

I don’t carry a book around so this App helps me constantly keep up my reading at any time of the day


The Art of War (book)

This book is one of the most renowned and popular works ever to be written. Just because it was free I downloaded it and emersed myself in the 6th century(BC) writing. I probably never would have picked it off of the shelf



This App gives you full access to all the features of the website but in a more user-friendly version that fits in your palm


Amazon Deals

This App lets you stay updated on deals on books you’re maybe waiting to go on sale and with push notifications you can know about it wherever you are


Book Reviews

This wonderful App provides extremely detailed reviews from numerous people so you never even have to start a bad book again


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