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Jan 14, 2010

Exploring all the possibilities is at least as much fun as playing with the apps themselves. There’s the thrill of finding treasures you didn’t know existed, the satisfaction of stumbling upon exactly the right tool, and sometimes it’s just about being surprised by what’s out there. These are the apps that have led me down the right path more often that not. Because of them, I probably add an app every single day.

App Popular (New Daily App Deal & More)

The ability to view apps by country: each country has its own favorites and the differences can be striking!


PandoraBox (Download Paid Apps for Free)

Has featured apps, new apps, apps on sale and the presentation style is easy on the eyes


AppMiner (Paid Apps FREE)

New apps, bargain apps, top-rated apps in three categories: paid, free and all


BargainBin With Push!

Just focuses on apps on sale but it offers a watch list (hence the Push notifications) and its presentation is excellent



It may seem opportunistic to add this app to the list but it does give quick access to the recommendations and reviews from our beloved site.



New apps, apps on sale, and a link to content drawn from all over the Web make it easier to shop frivolously or seriously.


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