Best Accessories for iOS Devices

Jul 10, 2017

As there are millions of iOS devices available that are extremely similar in nature, transforming it into one that is highly customized to the desire of each user requires changing more than just the wallpaper but also encompasses adding additional hardware such as cases and stands. To enhance the experience of using a smartphone, investing in various accessories help to make the device not only look better, but also boosts its functional capabilities. For those who are interested in acquiring various tools that can be utilized to enhance their iOS devices, this article discusses the best ones available on the market at inexpensive prices.

Invisible Shield Glass Protector

Many smartphone users experience some form of screen damage on their device as a direct result of lacking screen protection. Statistically, one out of three individuals who damage their screen end up having to replace their entire device which can be extremely costly. In order to avoid such a scenario, users should make the investment to purchase Invisible Shield Glass Protector. As one of the leading and bestselling screen and impact protectors, it is able to keep the iOS device secure from scratch, smudge, and general impacts. With unmatched self-healing and amazing screen protection technology, the Invisible Shield Glass Protector is a trusted name that can offer durable protection with little effect on the user experience. Whereas others screen protectors may greatly impact the visibility of the screen or usably, Invisible Shield Glass Protector utilizes materials which is nearly invisible while offering the same degree of protection. Perfectly crafted for a smooth feel as well as unmatched touchscreen sensitivity, the glass protector is one that is a must-have for any iOS device.

Stand Case

Stand cases are one of the best ways to cheaply customize an iOS device in order to suit a user’s lifestyle. Durable and designed to withstand impacts and scratches, the case does not simply protect the device, but also acts as a displaying tool which can tilt the screen at a desirable viewing angle once in use. Perfect for watching videos or playing games, the Stand Case is lightweights and has a small profile but can still withstand the impact of drops while giving access to all of the buttons. Although a case, the Stand Case does not compromise the look and feel of a typical iPhone to give the same experience as without a cover. Coming in red or black, the it supports both vertical and horizontal positions while the bumpers extend over the edge of the screen to provide maximum protection when the phone is dropped. Important to any phone, the case is recommended in order to mitigate the risk of expensive damages while simultaneously offering convenient viewing positions.

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Akinger Camera Lens Kit

Although camera technology continues to improve, limitations still exist in terms of what it is able to do. In order to break these barriers and extend the capabilities of the camera, several lenses have been made available which are an inexpensive alternative to professional accessories and simple to attach. One such camera kit is the Akinger Camera Lens Kit that includes 5-in-1 quality detachable lens for iOS tablets and phones. Examples of the lenses in the kit include a 198 degree fisheye lens, 15x macro lens, 0.63 wide angle lens, CPL LEMS, and 2x Telephoto lens that makes it easier to take photos that would not be otherwise possible without the kit. With a detachable clip and lenses that are made of premium quality glass that is both light and strong, it is easy to carry around as it comes with a fabric-covered case that can fit into a pocket. Perfect for those who are interested in extending the capabilities of the camera on their iOS device, Akinger Camera Lens Kit is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a professional camera.

YoFeW Stand

For those with more than one Apple product such as an Apple Watch, phone, and airpods, managing them can be a hassle. To better keep track of these devices, the YoFew Apple Watch Stand is a highly recommended accessory to organize the products in a visually appealing way. Deviating from other stands which typically offer very basic functionalities such as displaying the phone and charging it, the YoFeW Stand conveniently stores the phone, earphones, and watch in a way that is highly organized and neat. Furthermore, the cords are stored away and hidden behind the stand so that there is no tangle. Made with a durable aluminum body and anti-slip rubber mat on the bottom, stability is maximized even with so many different accessories on it. To complement the design and visual appeal of Apple devices, the YoFeW Stand is a perfect tool for keeping them all organized.

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Apple Watch

One of the more expensive accessories, the Apple Watch is able to significantly streamline many tasks done on the iPhone or iPad. Although pricier than other tools that complement the iOS devices, the watch is designed for both function and utility for maximum value. As one of the latest items in the Apple product line, users of the watch are able to check their texts, see photos that are on the connected device, snap photos, and track fitness metrics. As a wearable, the watch is compatible with all iOS devices and comes in a variety of bands including stainless steel, sporty aluminum, and even limited edition ones. Packed with features and performance that can make the device even more useful and ultimately enhance the user experience, the Apple Watch is a highly recommended accessory to take full advantages of the connected iPhone or iPad.

From managing several different complimentary tools to enhancing the experience of the iOS device, the accessories outlined in this list are able to provide a tremendous amount of value to its users. Ranging in prices, these supplementing tools are must-haves for nearly everyone with an iOS device and are mostly able to fit the budget, especially if cheaper versions can be found on sites that are able to offer alternatives.

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