Best 5 (according to me) GTD Apps

Jan 25, 2010

I wanted to make this page because it’s critical for me as a small business owner to Get Things Done. This is particular true since I’m running two different businesses, and work from home. Keeping my focus and having plenty of reminders and methods of entry is key to my success in business and with the applications I choose to use.


A MUST-have application. For anyone who forgets things. By far the best GTD app for ADD people like me. One can enter in stuff in any format- via a phone call, SMS, email, their website, or the iPhone app- using voice or text and what else could you want? You can set up a default reminder for things, it gives you a daily memory jog around what’s going on, and integrates with Evernote. Oh, and it’s free (!) or has a Pro version that I bought for $25 a year, which is practically free anyways for such a great suite of services- AND it’s usable from any phone, whether or not you have an iPhone or not.. AMAZING!



Next to reQall, my most used app. Allows for many tags and super flexible methods of organizing tasks. I have both the Mac app and the iPhone app, which sync with each other also.


Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

For a busy techie like me, remembering web pages and storing them for offline use is great. There are many apps that do this, but this service is free, has a website interface in addition to the iPhone app, and syncs across the two. Tags and descriptions are editable- I like to use the same ones as I use in Things to save mental energy). Must have app, especially if you’re someone who uses the web a lot then travels around with his iPhone doing business.

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MobileMe iDisk

Lets me put my documents onto my iDisk and retrieve them. Many people use Dropbox for this, but I don’t have to with my integrate MobileMe account. I upload every kind of file I can think of to this, and it works more often than it doesn’t to read the files on my iPhone. A Must.


Pageonce Pro – Money & Bills

Keeps everything that I want up to date all the time. Being in Canada has made this app not as useful as it might be if I was in the US (due to less bank accounts and overall services being accessible there) but it still handles enough information for me with the website/iPhone app combination that I would call this a must have. Everything from PayPal to eBay to bank accounts and Utilities accounts. They add more services as they have people requesting it- so get in there and request!


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