Beef up your brains with Plight of the Zombie iPhone game

Aug 10, 2012

Plight of the Zombie from Spark Plug Games is a new casual strategy title that incorporates stealth tactics. While it uses many common mobile gaming conventions, it also keeps things fresh with some slight, but important, changes. The visuals and sound are solid, though nothing special. If I had one major complaint, it would be that the game is too short for the price. Despite being simplistic, Plight of the Zombie suffers from slow load times, even on an iPhone 4! It’s still totally worth a look, though.

Essentially, your goal is to use a single starting zombie to turn every other NPC human on a level into one of the undead horde. You do this by simply touching them, guiding the zombie around with a line drawing mechanic much like Flight Control or Spy Mouse. Speaking of Spy Mouse, this games is also about stealth. Most humans don’t go out into the undead wasteland unarmed, and you’ll have to avoid their vision cones to avoid being taken down.

Eventually, you reach chapters with great big fat zombies that can soak bullets up like decomposing sponges, and the strategies are more nuanced. Many levels essentially ask you to just throw zombies at the enemy to succeed, and it doesn’t matter how many zombies you lose as long as you convert every human. This made things more interesting than a conventional stealth game.

Each level will have three collectible brains to nab for maximum rewards as well. You can take the coins you earn into the store to buy costume pieces for your zombies. Mostly hats though. Lots of hats. These developers must be Team Fortress 2 fans. It does have some flaws, namely the slower than expected loading and short length, but it’s also fairly novel and well designed. Plus, the developer promises more levels in future updates. Make sure to at least check out the Lite version!

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Andrew Koziara

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