Bed and Breakfast Apps

Oct 28, 2010

Starting to talk about a vacation that would include a bed and breakfast or two… so I decided to see if there were apps that could help! Turns out – there are!

InnTouch Bed and Breakfast Locator

Over 1000 B&Bs in their database with information and photos for each. Search for B&Bs nearby if you’re a last-minute planner, or book ahead of time by searching for a specific date/time. Quick access for contacting the inns if you have questions or to make reservations. Recipes! That’s probably my favorite part about this app – the collection of B&B recipes.


Bed and Breakfast (TapFinder)

REALLY basic – find a location, map it out, make the call.


Bates Bed & Breakfast

Ok so this won’t help you FIND a B&B, but if you want to re-enact a particularly famous scene from Psycho with Norman Bates – this is the app for you.


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