Become a well-informed, ethical hunter with the best iPhone hunting apps of all time

Apr 5, 2017

Although there’s nothing graceful about killing an animal, we do understand that hunting is among the favorite pastime activities of millions of people all around the world, and paradoxically, hunting can significantly contribute to maintaining the balance of wildlife. The universal proverb that states it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it rings especially true in the case of hunting, as there’s an ethical way to engage in this ancient sport, which starts with knowing and respecting the game, obeying the law, and behaving in the right manner. To ensure that you do all of the above and that you have all the necessary hunting tools right on your phone, we’ve put together a compilation of the best iPhone hunting apps of all time.


huntstandHuntStand, lauded as the number one hunting app in the world, specializes in land management, and comes equipped with an impressive assortment of mapping, weather, and tracking features. HuntStand works both offline and online, allowing you to thoroughly map any property with 67 distinctively different icons, shapes, and lines to highlight roads, trails, food plots, stands, and property boundaries, to name just a few. With logging options for harvest, sightings, and tasks, you can thoroughly manage and understand your property in a simple way. Moreover, HuntStand packs the innovative HuntZone scent tool technology, which indicates wind speed, distance, time, and direction so that you’ll know where your scent will be at a specific time and during your hunt. To top it off, HuntStand delivers detailed weather and solunar information with a 72-hour forecast and a 5-day outlook.

iSolunar Hunting & Fishing Times Free

isolunariSolunar’s concept is based on the solunar theory, which makes a connection between the peak activity and feeding times of fish and wildlife and the position of the Moon and the current lunar phase. iSolunar not only delivers easily comprehensible and complete solunar data, giving you access to the best hunting and fishing times, but also has rich location services, a range finder tool, a weather feature with forecasts and tides/radar, sunrise and sunset times, a Moon phase tracker, and Moon rise and Moon set times.


huntwiseHuntWise is a versatile community-based hunting app connecting you with huntsmen and huntswomen based in the US, while, more importantly, giving you access to immensely useful weather tools, solunar calendars, and maps. With HuntWise’s advanced weather features – temperature, wind, and pressure graphs -, you can determine the best hunting times for a wide variety of species, and with the app’s mapping tools – private land ownership boundaries, satellite and topographic imagery, custom waypoints, and GPS navigation – you can turn your iPhone into the best hunting companion you could ask for.

Deer Calls Pro


Important note: before using Deer Calls Pro, make sure that local laws and regulations allow game calls. Deer Calls Pro is the most comprehensive and most effective deer calling app for iPhone, which, unlike the majority of similar applications, employs custom recorded audio, bringing you 11 of the most often-used deer calls, explaining why and when deer use each call. If you’re looking for game call apps for other species, we recommend Predator Calls Pro and Predator Pro.


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