Beating Fitness Motivation with BattleSteps

Nov 2, 2016

Concern in health and fitness levels have skyrocketed within the last decade with the heightened access to relevant information and news. As a result, a large number of apps have been developed in order to help people achieve their fitness goals without a large investment in exercising tools. From apps that are designed to assist in motivation to those that are intended to count calories, mobile apps have come to dominate the information gap that exists between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a digital environment.

One such app, BattleSteps, gamifies the process of taking steps to encourage walking in order to beat opponents.  To counter the lack of engagement that most step-tracking apps on the market offer today, 12 Labs has introduced a unique way to motivate individuals to become more active through healthy competition.

BattleSteps takes users into a 12-hour battle after being automatically matched with an opponent. The only method that players can use in order to beat their opponent is to walk more as they compete on the number of steps taken in this time period. By being rewarded with points for every step, users are encouraged to walk more frequently to both win the battle as well as become healthier. Through taking more steps than their opponents, users emerge victorious which can lead to more impressive returns such as joining elite leagues upon consecutive wins. With an increasing number of devices and hardware aimed at creating a seamless fitness experience such as Fitbit and smart watches, the app automatically syncs with these devices to ensure that regardless of the device that the user is using to track steps, the amount that is calculated is accurate.


Designed for the busy individual, BattleSteps is able to track walking throughout the day while making the process more enjoyable. While many other pedometer based apps exist in the app store such as FitMe and FootPrint also track walking statistics, they fail to encourage the processes of becoming healthier as they simply report the steps. BattleSteps on the other hand motivates users in order to achieve a daily goal as opposed to simply being a reporting tool. Upon opening the app, users are automatically matched with opponents whom they must compete with in steps during the 12-hour period. Without any input from the user, the game begins and tracking is entirely automatic. At the end of the 12-hour period, users are able to see their scores as well as compare it with others in the game for a social ranking.

Being both intuitive to use and encouraging in nature as a way to obtain a healthy lifestyle, BattleSteps is designed to help health-conscious individuals reach their fitness goals through interactive gamification. The release of the app is planned for November 1st when players are able to officially battle each other in the number of steps that are taken. While most games have negative connotations regarding their effects on the mind and body, the benefits received from playing BattleSteps counters this mindset through engaging in a health competition.

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