Bears of the Last Frontier

Apr 29, 2011

I just recently started working with a great organization, BEARTREK, helping to get their Facebook page set up and helping to market their upcoming special on PBS, Bears of the Last Frontier. These are my BEARTREK apps (for now… until we make our own!) Find out more here:


Bears of the Last Frontier will air on PBS in May. Starting on May 8th and continuing for a total of three Sundays the show will take the viewer through Alaska, looking at bears and their habitat and travelling via motorcycle. That said, I have concert tickets for one of these evenings so I’m going to miss the show. But I don’t have to, thanks to this great app from PBS. It appears that all shows are posted to the app after playing on PBS. Excellent new for my Monday morning!


Nat Geo TV

For those outside of the US, Bears of the Last Frontier will air on National Geographic TV as “Bear Nomad”. I’ll be checking this app to find that show in hopes of being able to inform my friends overseas where they can find more information.



This is a backend app for me. When I need to share the 90 second BEARTREK trailer I really can’t expect people to be interested while my youtube app gives me spinning wheel of death due to horrid connection speeds. Let’s face it, a jerky loading video just doesn’t do any video justice. Solution? Put the video in dropbox, star it to make it available offline and anywhere I go I can show the video to anyone without a big long wait time or any other annoying pauses. Awesome, thanks Dropbox!



There are a number of ways to get the word out about a plan but for those who are uber connected, Plancast is the way to share what you’re doing. I know that my friends on Plancast are particularly interested in nonprofits, conservation and education and that they’ll love this show so why not share it on Plancast? For those who are looking for another outlet to market your great event, Plancast can be a great way to connect with the connectors in your social network.

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