Be Your Own Top Chef! Best Recipe Apps for the iPhone!

Nov 5, 2010

My parents own a gourmet Italian restaurant so I have a rather snobby approach to food and it must be good! Here are some apps I turn to when I need some dinner inspiration!

Allrecipes – Your Kitchen Inspiration

This has a great library of dishes which are rated by other users of The spinner search feature is creative and surprisingly good at coming up with meals you feel like making. It also saves your recipes and lists ingredients that you will need to buy. A good choice for coming up with ideas as well as making yummy dishes!


Food Network In the Kitchen

If you love the food network and all their shows make you hungry than this app is for you! The opening page shows their star chefs and you can pick meals to make based on who you like. there is also a search feature, Recipe Box and shopping list.


Easy Chef Recipes (15000+ recipes)

While the lavender UI makes me want to cry a bit, the recipes this app offers are pretty extensive! This is a great app to take a traditional recipe and make it your own. The Recipes are not rated by users however so you have to go with your gut feelings!


Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

This has the prettiest UI for a Recipe app and the rating system is the clearest. I like this app also because it has great categories and the dishes I have made from this recipes provided by this app have turned out to be delicious!


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