Be Your Own Spell Checker!

Jan 8, 2011

Knowing how to spell today is a dying art with spell check available on our everywhere on computers and smart phones. Rebel against ignorance and brush up on your spelling with these apps!

Miss Spell’s Class

This app gives you a list of commonly misspelled words and makes you identify which are spelled correctly. A true challenge and great for brushing up on spelling as well as vocabulary as this app gives you definitions to any words you may not know or can’t identify by its misspelled state.


Spelling B

This app is a game that employs different ways to have you remember how to spell something correctly. Well designed and fast timing keeps your interest!


SpellDown Spelling Bee

This is the most versatile spelling app I’ve come across. Learn spelling at any age from groups of words that suit you. A voice recording says the word and you must spell it correctly. Good for kids with weekly spelling quizzes as you can create your own spelling lists.


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