Be Your Own Barista with these Apps!

Aug 16, 2011

If you’re like me and you put your need of coffee above food or water, these apps will help you perfect your cup o’ joe!

Pour Over

This app helps you brew your drip brew your coffee to perfection by giving you the exact stats and a timer. A cool coffee app!


Coffee School

This app gives you a list of mostly espresso based coffees, gives you the set of ingredients and, then, to make sure you don’t mess up any steps, there’s a video showing you how to make your cafe latte flawlessly!


Barista – cafe quality espresso coffee at home

This app gives you detailed instructions on how to make practically every espresso drink you’ve heard of. It also includes nifty tidbits such as how to make a heart shaped design with the foam in a cappuccino and the best way to store your coffee beans. A great coffee making app!


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