Be a legendary hero with Legion War

Oct 8, 2016

Strategy based apps which have created an equilibrium between critical thinking and the entertainment of video games has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. This has been made especially evident with the widely popular Ancient Empires and Advanced War which have encapsulated a multitude of features that make the games captivating for its players.

As a new competitor in the space, Legion War is a turn-based strategy game that houses many components of app virality which has players leading their legion to survive challenge from enemies’ to have their legacies remembered.

Developed by Bear&Cat Studio, the dynamic nature of Legion War is supported by the game’s AI system which makes every stage and level of difficulty unique for every player. Opposite to games that have static levels and unresponsive characters, the app leverages the ability to evaluate current situations to optimize attack plans and react to the decisions made by the player. Furthermore, this degree of reactiveness by a game is paralleled to automated chess software which dynamically counters the moves made by the player while not bearing an overpowered presence.

With 10 levels of campaign gameplay designed to test the ability of players to evaluate and decide on a strategy, the game boasts graphics that are designed to be friendly and easy to understand. Upon opening the game, users are immediately drawn to the various terrains that include land, forest, hill, mountain, swamp, bridge, and water surroundings which each have their own respective modifiers of attack, defense, and movement costs. Beyond this, various units such as the warrior, archer, barbarian, assassin, balloon, cannon, mage, and knight all have unique attributes and skills. Given these different surroundings and characters, the use of AI helps to make the game more interesting by having both the players and system react to changes in scenarios, enhancing the gameplay to be more interactive as opposed to repetitive in nature.

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Despite the use of AI to increase the dynamic responses of Legion War, this system of gameplay poses potential issues such as an overwhelming advantage against players who are not as equipped as the game to calculate the moves of opponents. While this holds true for the most difficult levels, users are initially eased into this unique feature with a less reactive AI system before being exposed to the breadth of its abilities. A challenge for some, this feature differentiates Legion War from competitors in the space such as Antiquia Lost and Tap Strikers which fails to introduce a dynamic environment and consequently lacks the degree of interaction that Legion War offers.

With updates constantly being added such as new levels and optimized game performance, Legion War offers an unmatched level of dynamic gameplay made possible through an intelligent system. While players lead their legion through different maps with various characters, the stimulating nature of the game differentiates it from those that are based solely on repetition and predictive moves made by the opponent. Replicating real opponents, Legion War is designed for compelling gameplay even during single-player situations and is a must-have for those seeking an exciting alternative in the strategy based category.

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