Be a journalist on the go with these iPhone apps

Feb 13, 2010

Citizen journalists, bloggers and reporters can use these iPhone apps to stay on top of their stories.


News aggregator with note-sharing and RSS feed organization.


Scanner911 Police Radio Pro

Listen in on police radios to get the scoop. Uses GPS to find stations near you.



IM chats, free VoIP calls and several other correspondence tools to keep you connected with colleagues and sources.


Air Sharing

Sync files between your computer and your iPhone.


OmniFocus for iPhone

Track your tasks, contacts and activity to help you manage your work and your relationships.



Mobile blogging with everything you need to publish stories.


Kyte Mobile Producer

Publish videos from your mobile phone.


Pixelpipe – Post & Upload to the Social Web

Share your content to the whole of your social presence, across multiple profiles.


CBS EyeMobile

Share your content on the broadcaster’s citizen journalism platform.


FOX News UReport

Submit photos to Fox News. They may get airtime.


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