BBQ Apps

May 26, 2011

Apps to help you grill.

Sizzling BBQ Recipes

Easy to look up recipes. All for BBQ.


BBQ Finder

Just in case you get lazy or the grill burns down… find a restaurant near you quick. Also, really handy the rest of the year too.



A game to play while you BBQ. Funny when your guests ask: What are you doing? BBQing! Nija style.


Danish National BBQ Team

Because it does not get more random than this. Maybe one day you’ll go to Memphis. Or Copenhagen!


BBQ Master – Ultimate Cooking Guide with Timer

Truly handy. A timer! It makes the art of grilling into a science! Well done app. (Pun intended!)


Grill Guide

Probably the best grilling app out there. List would not be complete without it.


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