Oct 25, 2010

Learn how to beatbox in private, until you become good enough to show your friends! Good Luck! Enjoy!

HipHop BeatBox lite

This is a very neat app that has awesome beatboxing sound effects and a record scratcher. Fun!


BeatBox Lite

This is very comprehensive app that allows you to sequence and record several different kinds of sounds to create a beat. It’s awesome! Highly Recommend!


Beat-Box Baby: Trainer and Voice Drum Machine HOT

Have you ever wondered how to beatbox? Have you ever wanted to be able to practice in private because it’s too embarrassing to practice in public? This app will teach you the basic sounds of beatboxing. You can also create your own loops using the soundboard, or listen to sample loops and add to them.


Ninja7 Beat-Bots: Beatbox Hero

This app is too cool! Have you ever wanted to Beatbox into a mic, or over a track? Surprisingly, the tiny iphone speaker does a pretty good job of mimicking an actual microphone. Unfortunately, you can’t record your creations. I wish the developers would add this feature.


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