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Nov 4, 2016

An increasing variety of taxi services are available for those who need on-demand transportation to and from destinations. While convenient, these services are not positioned to deliver the best possible experience for the rider. For instance, although Uber is the most popular taxi service that is currently available, many negative reviews about the services offered by the company can be found due to the drivers, unfair wages, and pricing schemes such as surge in prices during peak hours.

Parallel to this, a lot of conflicts have taken place among Uber and other leading taxi services as the startup continues to disrupt the market that once dominated on-demand rides. With these issues associated with various car share and ride services, one of the best alternatives for riders is to utilize a professional taxi services such as BetterTaxi which tries to offers the best possible experience to the customers.

Similar to Uber, BetterTaxi cabs can be booked through the mobile application offering taxi services for short distance, long distance journeys, and even airport transfers. Additionally, for those who are looking for rides in foreign areas, international spontaneous city trips are offered by the taxi service at a pre-fixed price. This fixed-price mechanism allows riders to know how much their trip will cost prior to the ride as opposed to traditional taxi services which allows the rider to know the final cost only at the end of the trip.

Amalgamating from professional drivers as opposed to unlicensed drivers that Uber offers, people who use BetterTaxi in order to book a taxi can select from a variety of taxi services and vehicle options. These options include Taxi Bus, Yellow Cab, City Car, Min Car, Minicab, car rental without deriver, limo, airport taxi, airport transfers, chauffer services, shuttle services, and traditional taxi services. Further to this, BetterTaxi aims to dedicate a substantial amount of resources in order to maintain the standards of the ride, something that competing companies fail to offer.

Although the app offers luxury and comfort for its users along with a ride array of service selections, the prices of the services are at a premium when compared to services such as Uber. Without hiring professional drivers at Uber, the wages are substantially lower than for professional services who also have to incur the costs of training and licensing their drivers, hence the cost savings are passed onto the passengers. For this reason, the app is more tailored for those who are looking for a more comfortable and dedicated ride as opposed to a cost effective method of transportation. For example, for those who require airport shuttle services through BetterTaxi, the driver would take necessary measures to be on the airport while holding a name plate so that the rider is never lost.

For business and personal use, BetterTaxi offers the convenience of on-demand transportation while simultaneously combining luxury and comfort. The professionalism of the service along with the high degree of ease comes at a premium for those who are seeking a better riding experience as the prices are more expensive on average compared to other available alternatives such as Uber and Lyft.

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