Baseball Fervor

Apr 30, 2010

Lifelong baseball fan and collegiate player. I follow my hometown Florida Marlins passionately. This curated list is devoted to all the baseball fans out there. At Bat

This app is great for die hard fans so that they have up-to-date information on what’d going on in MLB that day. It connects you to’s ability to listen or watch game lives right to your phone! It also have a live action, realistic scoreboard of all the current games, as if you were in the stands and checking out the scoreboard in the outfield. Furthermore, it has the latest news and standings to follow my Marlins chase the pennant.


Pro Baseball Live

Its a similar version to At Bat, without the video and radio. It gives fans the chance to follow their teams through all the live stats, news, standing, and play by play action. It allows for an easy-to-access viewing format.


9 Innings: Pro Baseball Lite

This is a great app for those baseball fans who not only wanna follow MLB, but live it. 9 innings provides you with a baseball video game. You can choose from homerun derby mode, tournament, exhibition or complete your very own season! I tried it out myself and love the game. Even the noises from the game, from the balls and strikes or the roar of the crowd make it seem as if you were playing in front of packed stadium. Definitely recommend playing this game.


Batter Up Baseball™ Lite – The Classic Arcade Homerun Hitting Game

Batter Up takes off of 9 innings, except instead of the full options, Batter Up is solely for the Home Run enthusiasts. Hit as many home runs as you can! But watch out, 3 strikes and you’re out!

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iBaseball is another app for those who want to play baseball as much as follow it. It allows you to focus on just pitching, hitting, or play a full game. The twist on this game is it resembles more of a Wii game than one for the iPhone. To hit or pitch, you must SWING your iPhone in a motion similar to hitting or throwing. Just be careful not to let go of your phone!


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