Bar Games (Fake Finger Scanners)

Apr 22, 2010

Did you hear they took gullible out of the dictionary? For a ton of fun, especially if you are in a bar with those who have had a few too many, try these apps for a good laugh! And remember, we’re not laughing at you, we’re laughing with you.

Stool Scanner Free (Fingerprint Poop Test)

If you still laugh when people fart, then this app is for you. The alarming sound effects and the names of the different kinds of poop are hilarious. So, after a friend comes back from a number two politely ask them to put their finger on the scanner. Now, everyone will know just what kind of pooper they are! Just a little warning, if the volume is turned up on your phone, the sound effects are impossible to ignore.


lies detector

Put your finger on the scanner and a little voice will say “Our technology indicates truth,” or it may say something else . . . This app can also be set-up to give a desired result, just in case you want to mess with someone! The computerized voices are the best part of this app! Great for weeding out people at bars. If they don’t have a sense of humor, why bother? Or worse, if they’re a liar . . .


Are We Related? – Touch and Scan DNA {FREE}

Have you ever wondered if you might be dating your long lost cousin? Fear no more, this scanner will eliminate that possibility and tell you if you are compatible. Also, don’t take the phrase “brother from another mother” lightly. If you’ve ever suspected mom had a crush on the milkman, you can test for that too. For a good time, download, are we related. I would stick with the free version.

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