Bacon Games

Sep 10, 2010

I didn’t think I’d be writing a list about bacon games but hey, games are fun and bacon is delicious so I suppose this makes for delicious fun right?

iBacon: a game you’ll flip over!

It’s a trivia game about bacon. You can also make bacon. While it says you can eat the bacon I’m guessing that isn’t exactly true.


Save The Bacon

Don’t want your pig on the chopping block? Well then, save the bacon. There is one complaint for this game… apparently occasionally the pig disappears. That is my new favorite complaint of all time.


Bacon Bounce

Keep Wilbur from becoming bacon. Sure, it’d be tastier if he did become bacon but come on, he’s cute!


Pig Rush

Again, keep the pig from becoming bacon…. or, well, don’t and eat delicious bacon instead!


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