Back to School: Elementary School Edition

Aug 16, 2011

Prepare your grade school kid with these apps. They’ll be top of the class in no time!

Word Wizard

Have your child learning to spell with this app. The colorful graphics and intuitive play, will make spelling fun for your child!


TeachMe: 1st Grade

This well rounded app will have your first grader navigating a virtual classroom and enjoying quizzes and lessons on spelling, adding and subtracting as well as listening to instructions. A great app for parents!


Stack the States™

This game quizzes you not only on states and capitals, but also nicknames, exact geography and shapes of states. Then to add fun to the game you have to stack the states you win and hope they don’t fall off. Once you stack them high enough you may earn a new state to put in your map of the US. A fun game for both school kids and adults looking to brush up on their US geography.


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