Back to School: Dorm Living Edition!

Aug 16, 2011

For all your college kids out there looking forward to decorating your dorm can do so on the cheap with these apps!


Target has everything you could need and usually at a great price. This app gives you all the deals being offered at your local target and even has a bar code scanner while you’re shopping if you can’t find one nearby in the store.


IKEA Catalog

Ah, Ikea with your swoogen flux and huffin plufurs. Always reliable for trendy cheap furnishings, you can browse through all the store’s offerings with this. This app is a must have for anyone with a new space to decorate. It



This grungy chic designed app is well laid out and will help you find that weathered coffee table or a new roommate. A solid Craigslist app!


Amazon Student

This app is for their student program which offers free shipping for six months before kicking into subscription mode at 39 dollars a month. It will also give exclusive deals for students and allows you to trade in your old text books. An app worth checking into!


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