Back at the office? These apps can make you more productive

Aug 14, 2016

With summer vacation winding down, your workplace will soon be bustling with new activity. While owning an iPhone can be a challenge to your productivity, there are a number of apps available that can help ease your increasingly busy schedule. What are the best apps for professional accomplishment and where do you find them? To start your journey, it helps to know what your needs are. 

For the “itypist”

If you are moving from one meeting to the next and need to jot down notes quickly and be able to find them again, the redesigned Awesome Note 2 from Brid allows you to start a note from any screen within the application. Notes can be filed in customizable folders for easy retrieval. They are then transferred directly to your computer or Google Docs.

Another great tool to digitally store brilliant brainstorms is Evernote. The free app synchronizes the notes, pictures and audio files it captures with your Mac or Windows desktop. It can also share information with many web-based applications. Evernote allows you to scan receipts and brochures and share information with your account via your email address and Twitter profile. Evernote is also available for Apple Watch.

For audio messaging

If thumb typing is not to your liking, SpeakEasy Voice Recorder makes voice recordings with a single button touch. Just know that in order to download recordings from this no-frills app, you must download software to your computer. Unfortunately the app is no longer updated, so you might prefer competitor QuickVoice Recorder. While more complex, QuickVoice Recorder allows you to email voice recordings if you are not at your desk. If you go with this option, I recommend QuickVoice Recorder Professional, which allows recordings longer than 45 seconds to be emailed.

For the whiteboard junkie 

If you fill up the whiteboard with graphs and drawings, then the app for you is Whiteboard: Collaborative Drawing by GreenGar Studios. This neat little app lets you work on a drawing collaboratively with others who are in Wi-Fi range, then save and download the result. Even if you draw on your own, Whiteboard is easier than recopying your work from a napkin.

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For the business strategist 

For a number of years, The Art of War by Sun Tzu edition by book publisher DMBC has been making the rounds as a business tome. Whether or not you treat business like war, this book has offered wisdom for many business leaders. If anything, download to read the summary page.

For the easily distracted 

From instant messaging, to social networks to ongoing office chatter, it is amazing that we are able to get anything accomplished while at work. Accordingly, it is ironic that an iPhone app would be designed to help us concentrate on the tasks in front of us and block out any distractions. The popular Ambiance app does the trick by featuring an array of audio delights from water falls to Buddhist peace pagodas that can help with concentration. The 12-hour audio clips are also good remedies for insomnia.

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Kevin R. Callahan

Kevin Callahan, the COO’s bulldog, helps operating executives find and fix problems in their businesses. As a result, he is very busy himself, and always on the lookout for apps to help him do so! 

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