Awesome sound effects!

Dec 2, 2010

These apps are really silly, but they’re a lot of fun. They shout stuff at you or make other amusing sounds. I’m comfortable dropping a buck on some innocent enjoyment. =)

Your Mom!!

It shouts stuff at me and makes me laugh.


Valentine’s Day Sounds

Hey sweetie, wanna be my valentine, and MANY more!


Anti-Valentine’s Day Sounds

Not much for Valentines? Neither is this app. A little ribald, but fun.


Xmas Sounds

Tons of Christmas-related sounds



It makes sounds. And, apparently, if you have it, you win. I like winning, so I’m glad I picked it up. Do you have it? If not, then I beat you. Ha!



We all see a lot of fail on a daily basis. This app shouts a little something about it.


Your Mom, Fail, etc. Suite

Lots of sounds for all your shout-stuff needs.


Your Mom Six Pack HD

An iPad version of #7


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