Awesome LITE Versions of APPS

May 25, 2011

Sometimes the title of the app includes the word “Lite” and sometimes it’s only the name of the app. Then, when you are searching for it, you will also see a Pro version. Here are some apps that provide an excellent “lite” version meaning that you get the full feeling of the app and you are not plagued by advertising or other weird features. I prefer the term “lite” over “free” for this list because the idea is that if the developer invests the time in the lite version, then we will be interested in buying the paid version. Makes sense.

Shark Food Lite

Work your way up to the top of the food-chain. You start out as a tiny fish eating other fish. As you collect more fish, you grow into other larger fish. I love the graphics and the music. Neat!


Call of Atlantis Lite

Learn all about the history and unlock the secrets to the hidden world of Atlantis. This app is a great combination of mythology and sim game. The back-story and animation are well-done and realistic. Recommend.


no Glasses Lite

This app turns you phone into a pair of reading glasses. Use it just like a magnifier glass. Settings are 1x-4x and then 8x. This is an awesome tool to have on hand. Highly Recommend!


Atomic Ball Lite

Atomic Ball Lite is a very intense version of pong or tennis against the computer. The difference is that the paddle is situated at the bottom of the screen and you have to crack open everything at the top of the screen. Sometimes you earn gifts as the atomic ball bounces faster and faster. Sometimes there are two balls all of a sudden and your paddle grows wider. I love the music. This is an excellent idea for a game and it’s fun to play. Recommend! I’m sure the pro version is even more difficult.


PuppetShow – The Mystery of Joyville

PuppetShow is hours and hours of highly addictive fun! The graphics are intricate and highly detailed, so each location where you are supposed to find objects is both exquisite and complicated. This is one of the best role playing sim games I have come across in a very long time. Highly Recommend!

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