Awesome Guitar Apps

Feb 23, 2011

For fellow guitar players; this list has some of the coolest guitar Apps you’ll find to date


This App is great because, unlike most guitar simulation games which have you pressing buttons and what not, this App forces you to play songs as if you were actually playing a guitar


Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar – Learn and play acoustic guitar, bass and ukulele

For anyone who finds getting up and going to the computer to look up some tabs to play extremely annoying, this App will save you time and patience so you can sit down and play your favorite songs without ever getting up


Guitar Tuner

I can never find my electric tuner which is most likely buried deep in my closet so this App is very handy whenever I notice my guitar is out of tune


50 Blues Guitar Licks

I love the blues but It can get really frustrating when I can’t get different licks down and this App gives detailed lessons as well as tabs on the most popular blues licks


AmpliTube FREE

This App is great for playing electric guitar especially since there’s a free version so you can test it out and see if you want to buy the whole deal


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