Awesome Games for Kids

Apr 21, 2011

Parents need reprieves from their kids, and what easier way than to have a selection of games that will keep them endlessly entertained.

Rabbit Race

This is a fun game that comes with a cute story that will have you frantically tapping the screen trying to get your bunny to hop faster


Doodle Jump

This may seem like it’s a kids game but it can get terribly serious when you’re struggling to jump from platform to platform attempting to beat an already ridiculously high score


LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

I wouldn’t recommend a parent to buy this game unless you want your child to never give you your phone back. If you need to kill a few hours then enter a world of magical plastic people with the first 4 books


Tiny Wings

Because this game gets so difficult, and most children aren’t masters at eye-hand coordination yet, this awesome game provides a source of truly never ending entertainment


Mega Jump

There’s nothing worse than getting a few seconds away from clearing a level and then having to do the whole thing over again. There’s more than plenty of that in this game and therefor it becomes both your best friend and worst enemy


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