Jan 26, 2010

These are my favorite music & video related apps…enjoy!

Qik Live

Qik records and/or streams live video to your page. You can take this live feed & embed it onto other pages. Great video quality & your video’s are archived so you can go back & watch them later. I prefer this to Ustream.


MusicID with Lyrics

I own Shazam, Midomi(SoundHound), & MusicID. The only one i use is MusicID. Incredibly accurate tagging, great UI, you can even ID the song currently playing in your iPod. About 40% cheaper than Shazam, 60% cheaper than SoundHound, all the quality of both!


Pandora – Free Music & Radio

If you’ve never tried Pandora(or Last.FM, Imeem, FlyCast, etc…), you’re really missing out on one of the iphones true gems. Just enter an artist/song/composer name & Pandora will create a ‘radio station’ around thats a/s/c’s criteria. Its really amazing how well it works. You’re guaranteed to find new artist & songs that you’ll love. I even have a station on there. Search ‘Knobody’…hope you hear something you like ; )


Simplify (original)

Simplify streams your iTunes library from your home computer to your iPhone/iPod Touch. This means you don’t have to take up your phones storage with music(& use that space for MORE APPS). Works over 3g & WiFi signals. I got it waaaay back in the day when it was still free, but i would still recommend it at its current price($5.99)!


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Air Video – Watch your videos anywhere!

What Simplify does for your music library, Air Video does for your movie/video library. However AV goes above & beyond. The hands-down x-factor of this app is the ability to convert video on the fly. What this means is that you don’t have to spend hours & hours converting video to .MP4 so you can add them to your idevice via iTunes. Conversion works great. You choose a video, it takes about 5-15 seconds to ‘convert ahead’ & cha-ching!!! The Quality is excellent, & it runs very smoothly. There is a free version that(i believe) has all the functions of the paid version…but i’d gladly pay the $2.99 for the paid version again if i had to, its that good!


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