Audio Recording and Sharing (Oct 2011)

Oct 11, 2011

These are my favorite apps for mobile audio recording and sharing. Some support immediate web sharing, others require a sync. All are free except iRig Recorder, SonicPics and StoryRobe.


Recordings up to 5 min long, can attach photos & geo-tags. Immediate web sharing.



Recordings are NOT time limited, immediate web sharing. Can put recordings into “albums” from the app.



Recordings are not time limited, immediate web sharing. Website converts audio to text. (not perfect, but free!)


iRig Recorder

Great audio recording quality, only app I’ve seen to date which supports mobile editing! (Trim start and end points.)


iTalk Recorder

3 different quality settings available, can sync to computer via iTunes or Griffin’s free app. Free version doesn’t email large files tho.


SoundCloud – Music & Audio

Immediate web sharing, online versions permit time-stamped commenting! Free version just gives 120 min of recording tho.


Voice Memos

Default audio recording app on the iPhone and iPad. I really haven’t used it much, however. Unlike iTalk (free version) I think it supports emailing larger files.



VoiceThreads are interactive, multimedia narrated slideshows. Use this app to build them on the go, including audio comments.



My favorite app for creating narrated slideshows on the go. Select photos first, then narrate. Export directly to YouTube or your computer. Share via email too.



Very reasonable app (99¢) for creating narrated slideshows. Not as many features as SonicPics, limited to 3 minutes total length.


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