Audio Recording and Publsihing

Dec 15, 2010

A collection of apps that allow for audio recording and publishing to external sites.

Voice Recorder for iPad

Record then access your recordings via a web browser on your computer or by email. They also can be moved to a folder.


Dragon Dictation

Record your voice and it is instantly transcribed into text. The text can be shared in a variety of ways, including email.



Allows you to record and publish instantly to an account on AudioBoo. Some of the other recordings on AudioBoo might not be appropriate for students, so students need to learn to only access their own recordings.


Live Notes Lite

Take notes and add audio and email them to share. The full version allows you to send to Dropbox, via wifi, or email, and also display on a projector


Shared Notes for School and Work

Record notes and audio. Share in a variety of ways. Can import from Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Docs. Can be viewed on external device like a projector.


Sock Puppets

This free app allows you to select from a variety of characters and backgrounds to create your story. Stories can be published to YouTube or Facebook, both of which are blocked in most districts. Perhaps a teacher could be the one to log in to YouTube to upload, or bring the devices home to upload.


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