Attack and eat other fishes to grow bigger

Jul 28, 2016

Yes it is Fishy, but it is tasty! Eat Me is a new game from Junglee Games which is renowned for its flagship game Junglee Rummy.

Eat Me game basically follows the ‘eat and grow’ concept, where you will have to eat stuff to get bigger. The fish which eats maximum sea weeds and other fishes (smaller in size) will earn more points and wins. All the fishes have the skill of splitting themselves multiple times. Players can use the spilt button to escape from an attack or to grab more food fast. They can also use the special skills allotted to each fish to defend an attack. The special skill of the default fish is ‘poop’, the fish can poop to defend an attack.

Coins and Shells

Coins are earned by playing and winning the game. These coins can be used to upgrade your fishes and restore their health after being eaten. If a bigger fish eats you, you will respawn in a smaller size. But you can revive your health to the previous size by paying coins.

Shells are used to open fish bowls, buy new skin for your fish and to buy new fish tanks. You can also buy coins with your shells, if you are out of coins. You can earn shells in the game by different methods. You get 2 shells per every invite made using Facebook. Alternatively you can watch a video or download an app from TapJoy to earn more shells. If you are the one who wants to play in full-swing, you can go ahead and purchase shells with cash and upgrade your fish and buy fish tanks!

The Fishes

The fishes are both cute and deadly. There are a total of 15 different fishes and each of them has different skill that can be used to defend an attack. The fishes are of 3 special categories, the first eight fishes come under the ‘Common’ category and the next four under ‘Rare’ category. The last 3 fishes come under the ‘Epic’ category. You can unlock the fishes by opening fish bowls. There are many fish bowls which you can unlock as you advance into the game.

Design and Interface

The overall design and interface of the game is soothing and clutter-free. The game can be addictive given the track record from similar games like and The concept of Eat Me is new and apart from the competing games, the game is a time-bound battle. The winner is the Fish with the highest score in the first 2 minutes. The leaderboard shows the ranks of players who have gained maximum score as an aggregate. Your score increases as you keep playing the game.

Overall, EatMe is an addictive game which can be played anytime. With brilliant design and seamless interface, the deadly cute fishes are adorable!


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