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Sep 28, 2010

Today, like most of you, I received an AT&T magazine in my mail…. it’s the special iPhone edition. The interesting thing is that I don’t recall ever receiving another edition so it makes me think, hmm… were they scared about the iPhone being released to Verizon (which isn’t going to happen anytime soon)?

Of course like any magazine put out by a corporation this is simply advertising but it does bring up some decent apps AT&T has for the iPhone and is making me really want a new iPhone. I hate it when advertising works!

Mark the spot

Have a service issue in a specific spot with AT&T? This app will allow you to, well, mark that spot and send the information to the network planning team. How these folks keep up with the spots marked in San Francisco is beyond me since it seems there’s more places with issues than not in that city.



From what I could find the only app listed that wasn’t an AT&T app. It’s hardly the best reader for your phone nor does it have the content available on kindle but it’s an option for those who aren’t fond of amazon or those who don’t mind paying more for the same thing.



Oddly I love this app. Odd not because there’s anything wrong with an app like this, but because it’s pretty rare that you get into something like this unless you tend to push your minute limits each month. I don’t use it often but did love having it on my phone when I went to Mexico and realized that despite my best plans I was going to use my iPhone to make some calls. Changing my plan when connected to wifi in a place where finding a computer was significantly harder than finding wifi was excellent.


AT&T Navigator: GPS Maps, Navigation & Traffic

It’s a GPS for your phone. Granted fees apply and I’ll admit I haven’t played with this as I already have two GPS’s (and my iPhone won’t mount in a way I love on my motorcycle). Still, if you want a GPS without having to purchase another piece of equipment this is the app for you.

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AT&T FamilyMap™

Track your kids. Yes, they will love that but whatever. You’re paying for their phone right? Best yet you can confirm that they’ve arrived at their destination. This is especially useful for those first time solo (or sans parent) travels.


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