Arts and Crafts

Jun 6, 2010

These apps will help you learn, organize and complete arts and crafts projects.

Cute Origami

Cute Origami features step-by-step instructional videos. Before you know it you’ll be creating foxes, snakes, cranes, mice, boats and Japanese maple leafs (others included.) There are other editions, including Easter and Halloween.


Knit Buddy

Knit Buddy helps you keep track of your collection. Keep an inventory of knitting needles, crochet hooks, color and types of yarn and other materials.


Fabric Stash

Fabric Stash lets you catalog your entire fabric collection. Photograph and categorize for easy visual reference. Keep track of fabrics that were purchased for specific projects.


SketchBook Mobile

SketchBook turns your iPhone into a virtual canvas. Plan projects or create something amazing. It offers a variety of preset brush tools.


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