Art 101: Apps to learn and Aid Drawing Skills

Dec 11, 2010

I loved drawing cartoons when I was a kid, I had all these books that taught me how to draw different characters and these apps brought all that back. Hone in on your drawing talents with these apps!

Learn to draw

This app holds a collection of clear to understand tutorials for simple drawings and cartoon figures. Brought me back to my old how to draw cartoon books!


Manga Art Academy – How to draw manga & anime

This is a very well done tutorial on how to master drawing manga art. Not only does this app show you all the different ways to draw male and female eyes, but how to change emotions and angels. A very worthy app for learning to draw Manga!



This isn’t a learning app, but rather a drawing tool. It simplifies pictures you take into lines so you can take the image and use it to help you draw the subject you are looking at since it flattens the image and shows you exactly where objects meet. I was very pleased with my drawing of my dogs using this app!


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