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Aug 30, 2009

AroundMe helps you locate what is near you. The simple and free iPhone app uses GPS technology to locate businesses and other establishments in your area. Once found, the app maps their distances from your exact location. AroundMe is a great app for traveling as well as discovering hidden hideaways in your own neighborhood. After downloading AroundMe, you’ll wonder how you got around without it.

One of the very best things about the iPhone, is the GPS capability to let help us navigate our days. AroundMe is a pretty simple app that pinpoints your location and helps you find everything you need.

By “everything” I mean Apple retail stores, banks/ATMs, bars, coffee shops, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, movie theaters, towns nearby, parking, pharmacies, pubs, restaurants, supermarkets, taxis, theaters (the Shakespeare kind, not the flickering-image variety), and local weather. Told you.

With little fanfare, AroundMe lists the establishments and their distances from your location, and with the tap on the screen, takes you to a map.  Ads at the top of the listing pages are text ads by Google, and by now we’re all so used to seeing those, they barely register in our consciousness.

As with any app that uses the GPS capability to let you know what’s around you, AroundMe will list stuff that might be hard to get to.  For instance, I live somewhat near an oasis on Interstate 294.  A tap on “restaurants,” “coffee,” or “gas stations” lists the establishments at that oasis first, and if I were an out-of-towner, that might get confusing.

If you know how to read a map, this probably won’t be a problem.

AroundMe gives you the information you need without the bloatedness of similar apps.

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