Dec 23, 2012

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eCard Express HD: Greeting Cards, Frames, eCards for Birthday, Holidays, Business

eCard Express application enables users to create and customize greeting cards with high quality stickers, frames, pre-written text templates, and personal photos or images from the iPhone / iPad photo library or camera. eCard Express now offers a total of more 300 greeting cards and frames in 19 categories. All cards can be shared via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Evernote and Flickr at no extra cost!


eCard Express: Greeting Cards, Frames, eCards for Birthday, Holidays, Business

eCard Express is very intuitive and straightforward even for a novice iPhone user. With a very well designed user interface and Retina display graphics it makes the creation process significantly more enjoyable.


iTake: Supplement and Pill Tracker

iTake is an application designed to organize your pills and supplements so you don’t forget to re-order when the bottles finish. iTake will organize all the supplements and pills you are currently taking into an easy to read table and display vital information such as how many days the supplement will last, how many servings are available, how many pills left and when the next order point should be taking into account shipping and handling if the supplement is being ordered online or through a local pharmacy. iTake can also organize your suppliers, save addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and suggest what supplements should be ordered at the same time to minimize shipping and handling costs based on which supplier the supplement is coming from.

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eCard Express Lite: Greeting Cards, Frames, eCards for Birthday, Holidays, Business

★ Quick and super user friendly design makes card creation a breeze.
★ High quality greeting cards and frames.
★ Select your photos from the device library to fill your frames!
★ Spice up, customize and personalize your eCards with the best quality clip art “stickers”!
★ Add a personal message with your font and colour!
★ All cards you save to the in-app MyCards library can always be edited and improved later on!
★ Save your eCards directly to device photo library.
★ Share your cards over Email, Facebook and Twitter!
★ eCard Express employs an in-app card library so you can save your creations on the go and send them when a Wi-Fi connection is available!
★ Optimized specifically for iPhone retina display, and recipients that will be receiving cards by email on their Mac’s and PC’s!
★ Optimized for iOS 4.2 and supports multi-tasking, so switching between Facebook and Twitter is seamless.


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