Apps You Probably Shouldn’t Show Off on a First Date

Feb 22, 2011

One of my favorite Geek Girl Blogs – GeekSugar just posted a list of 5 apps you shouldn’t show off on a first date. After a bit of laughing I decided I must share these (and a few of my own) with the Appolicious community!

Fake Calls

“This handy iPhone app is the perfect escape route from a bad date or situation. It lets you choose the person, ringtone, and time of the call, as well as prompting you with a fake conversation so it seems legit when you head out the door.” – Geeksugar. I haven’t personally used this app but I’ve made the “emergency” phone call to many friends to get them out of dates.


Am I Pregnant Quiz SALE

the fact that this app exists scares me a little. okay a lot.


Vibrate Massager Free

Geeksugar says to “Keep the electronic devices under covers until at least the third date or you’re ready to talk about good vibrations.”


Pizza Hut

now I’m not sure I agree with GeekSugar on this one. Their logic: “Dishing up your love for marinara smothered goodness ordered via iPhone app in the early stages of dating qualifies as letting your freak flag fly”. My thoughts – I most likely would not be going on a date with someone who doesn’t share my love of food.


The Boyfriend Calculator (BFC)

Ok this app is just hilarious – it “helps you organize your cutie contacts into categories in order to calculate their boyfriend rating”. But yes it would NOT be a good idea for a guy to see who his competition is, especially if you haven’t rated him well. bahaha.


READ  Cultural Icon Apps

While there is certainly nothing wrong with the Netflix app… in fact i heart it. You may not want your date to see how many episodes of Veronica Mars are in your streaming que or how many Julia Roberts movies are waiting in your DVD que.



never fails as soon as someone sees the name of this app they want to see how it works. Let me warn you… you do not want a first date seeing you after a fatbooth transformation. It’s all fun and games until someone clicks the share on Facebook button!



vanity. << also not a good first date quality


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